Wednesday, July 13, 2005

austin hair perfection

i just realized i hadn't posted up my fave, the best haircare professional.

(I must really be turning Blonde, part of the reason I started this dang thing to begin with was cause I wanted to sing her praises.)

austin hairstylist is that a good tag name? I wanted to call her the BEST hairstylist, but she's a shy one amd i don't want her turning beet red. (she stays off the computer entirely; she never has any idea of all her fans online when i tell her. pretty funny. i don't think she knows how to turn a computer ON!

but she's the austin stylist of the century. i'd see her as my doctor and dentist too, if she'd let me make appointments like that. but her speciality's HAIR, and she does it great

she doesn't look very old, but she's been doing hair her whole life, so nothing throws her, you know. problem curly hair; she's on it. need an austin japanese straightening; yep, she's been doing those. need a killer color and a cut, no problem.

really like this stylist too, she is a DOLL. austin is a laid back place, but the tech-heads moved in and it changed some. she's all hair talent and none of that attitude stuff.

you go, girl. i'll write more about you when I have more time.

(why am i writing about her, she's going to book up mpre and make it harder for me to see her.)

the best austin hairstylist, in my humble little opinion, not that i've tried them all, but i've tried alot.

ojon -- wow!

love this ojon. makes my hair so --- think!

great hair product.

have been traveling (YES!). these hair & beauty pages helped me ALOT, finding places to go:

beauty salons for beauty salons

and these too, for day spas and salons:

salons (this divides them into hair salons and beauty salons, interesting distinction -- IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE?

here's for CA: california hair salons (do I need to say it's for salons in CALIF? THAT'S THE NAME OF THE LINK, people.

and of course, the grandaddy of all the day spa places:
california day spas

-- as you might have guessed, my trip was to Cali (are YES, I am suburnt! -- dang Malibu...)

-- these sites are all related somehow, they're linked back and forth.

My FAVE stylist, hair guru #1 is in austin (I've written about her haven't I?) SHE UNDERSTANDS MY HAIR, there is a God...

* * * * * *

so's, this ojon is ffffantastic. also picked up a new redken hair prod (new for me anyway); i'll write about it once i squeeze it into my locks

should i write about cosmetics? it's a full day's work doing the hair posting.

i need hair photos of me for this place. that's what it's missin'. ya gots to see my different 'do's.

last link, before i wear you out:

add url spa or something like that. it's for if you have a spa or a day spa, and it's GREAT, you write those guys and if they like it, they'll post up your spa info.

don't waste their time unless you're a killer spa, beauty / hair salon, they seem to only have the best ones on there.

*********can't believe i saw bumble & bumble at a cut-rate store in Cali. what IS the world coming to?? (it WASN't discounted, by the way)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

new hair musings

why do i keep mispelling hair as haur? do that all the time.

haur. sometimes ten times in a row, i spell hair like that.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

austin hair salons


(I kept promising some good austin hair links!)

love my hair stylist & am posting on her & her talents, as time permits. (I have no free time any more! Eeek!)

is a thermal technique -- WAY cool for fighting those austin frizzies & curly hair.

love austin, but unhappy with the humidity's effect on my hair. YIKES